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FS Gr. 623 with Caprotti valve gear steam engine
Scale "H0"

Fs. 623 Caprotti

FS Gr. 623 with Walshaerts valve gear steam engine
Scale "H0"

Fs. 623 Washaerts

The Top-Train models, built in brass and steel in 1:87 H0 scale, are exclusively made and assembled by hand.

The scrupulous respect of the constructive sketches with a decennial experience in the model train planning, guarantee the best quality in the reproduction.

The numerous details that differentiate the original ones in each historical period, are faithfully reproduced in 1:87 precision scale.

The paintings are conforming to the original colors and details.
The models are completed by correct relief inscriptions with gold fillets.
The Top-Train models are built only in small limited edition, numbered and dated for year of construction.

Every piece built by Top-Train is a new step in the history of the high quality collection models.
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